Upload.com Does Not Accept Blogs!

Upload.com, relative of Download.com and part of the CNET.com network, does not allow a person to create a developer account and submit software if his or her website contains a blog, even if the blog and software are legitimate endeavors.

The fact is, GlassOcean.net needs more promotion in order for my software to reach a mass audience, and one way to do this is to submit the software to various “File Hosting” websites. Download.com is the first one that comes to mind.

I submitted my personal information yesterday to Upload.com.

8 hours later I was denied.

Here’s the letter they sent me via email:

PIC:  01

Reason: At this time we do not accept blogs.

I applaud them for using a review process to filter out all the absurd, virus filled software twinkies they get on a daily basis, as well as trying to curtail spammers and SEO nuts who submit software for the sole purpose of bringing more traffic to their own website for ad revenue and sales.

Besides writing about the things that I find interesting, my blog is a news tool that I use to guide readers towards my software, music, and services, which can all be found on the same website. Apparently I shouldn’t be doing this.

Their knowledgebase/help/faq does mention this:

“At this time we do not accept product-specific URLs or links to pages other than your main company home page.”

Nothing about blogs… Lame sauce!

In the meantime, I’ll need to rethink my idea of having everything Perry under one roof.


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