The Rapid Platform

rapid platform button

Hey, I could re-use this button!

I developed some nice UI components and layout techniques over the period of a few years working on various Javascript and PHP projects, most of which I’d like to re-use.

This work fed into a new project I kept going on the side, called The Rapid Platform, where I later would up-convert these first-generation components into a re-usable UI library for WordPress – Rapid UI. It also includes Rapid Settings, which is a simple framework for quickly building entire admin pages in the backend, automatically generating the database options, forms and page sections based on a simple text file you define.


With a small bit of text you could define a fully functional admin page:

Rapid Settings

…which becomes an admin page in the backend, ready to use:

Rapid Settings B

It never took off. Only a few people seemed interested at the time and I wasn’t receiving much feedback, so I put it on the back-burner. Eventually I’ll revive it again, though I’m not sure when.

We also have a Google+ Page, Google+ Community, and a GitHub repo in case you’re interested.


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