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How to Migrate MaxView Settings Between Users and Computers

At the company where I work, we use a software program called MaxView to perform bid take-offs for large construction projects. We have configured several custom symbols in MaxView which we use to count items in large mechanical prints, and it takes about an hour to configure these symbols. Rather than configure these symbols individually for each new user, or an existing user who lost his settings, we needed a simple way to export the settings from one computer/user to another.

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How to Hack the Bank of the West EDS Pro Software to Run For Any User Account

There’s a problem with Bank of the West’s EDS Pro software: it doesn’t assign the necessary permissions to the registry keys it creates for the OCR plug-in component during installation, effectively locking out any user from running the software except for the user who originally installed the software.

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How to Configure FTP User Isolation for Active Directory

FTP User IsolationAt the company where I work, we run a client portal web app that gives our clients access to their files through a password protected website that dynamically generates content individually for each client. We wanted to provide a secondary method for our clients to access their files should anything happen, so we opted for creating an FTP site in IIS with the option Isolate users using Active Directory, since our Win2K3 servers support it out of the box. Our idea was to have the client portal web app add the user accounts and home directory properties to Active Directory automatically so we wouldn’t have to configure these things manually using scripts. To date, our solution has been working very reliably.

Setting up a user FTP should be a straightforward Windows administration task, but you might find that the Isolate users using Active Directory option doesn’t work as you would expect. While IIS allows you to select this user isolation mode during the creation of a new FTP site, it obscures some of the configuration that is essential to making everything work properly. This article focuses on those hidden essentials.

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How to Speed Up Windows Logon with Startup Delayer

startup-delayer-fullsizeRight after you logon to your computer, have you ever just wished you could pause everything else that seems to be going on, just for 10 seconds so you could fire up your internet browser and start surfing the web before your computer chugs along for an extra 5 minutes – sometimes completely unresponsive – while it tries to load up everything else all at once?

Or maybe you just want a way to control the order and delay for your startup programs. A company by the name of r2 Studios has the solution.

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Perry’s Batch Outlook Item Property Editor

Perry’s Batch Outlook Item Property Editor can be used to edit the properties of multiple items in Microsoft Outlook. I find it most useful when I create a custom Outlook form and I need to change the MessageClass property on a group of items so the items can use the new custom form.

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Perry’s Batch File Rename Utility

Perry’s Batch File Rename Utility can be used to rename several files at once based on your specifications. Files will be renamed according to the Rename Sequence that you specify, which is based on one or more Filters. Available Filters include Serial Number, Insert Text, Replace Text, Trim Start, Trim End, Original Filename, Original Extension, Date Created, Date Modified, and Date Accessed.

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