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A Game Engine From Scratch In JavaScript Part 4 – Editor & Debugger

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The editor serves as a live debugger and allows modifying the game objects in real-time. These are canvas sprites we’re talking about, not DOM elements. While this is still a work in progress, I wanted to share a screen capture so you can see how it might end up looking. The next screen capture shows some live editing capabilities.

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How to Make a Star Rating Widget – jQuery vs ReactJS vs AngularJS vs Polymer

I found a Quora article by ReactJS lead developer Pete Hunt which compares a Star Rating Widget built identically in AngularJS and ReactJS. Since I was wondering what a similar jQuery version might look like, and since I’ve done a few of these widgets before (see Rapid Platform’s ‘Choice’ component), I decided to build a lightweight jQuery version of this Star Rating Widget for comparison. Feel free to use the Star Rating Widget code in this article for your own projects.

Touch it, you know you want to:

First up, the HTML where our bare minimum template "myrating" lives...

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <script type="text/javascript" src="https://code.jquery.com/jquery-2.1.3.js"></script>
        <script type="text/javascript" src="rating.js"></script>
        <div id="myrating">
            <span class="star" style="cursor:pointer;">&#9733;</span>

Next we have rating.js, where the jQuery component lives...

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Mist – Alpha Preview 1

Yet another project I’m working on…

Screenshot of the Edit menu, for real-time editing of meta-data, somewhat resembling a CMS:


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WP-OAuth Screenshot Preview

While I’m working on the next version of WP-OAuth – a free social login plugin for WordPress – I thought I’d drop this screenshot preview of some upcoming features.

There will be some new settings, such as having the ability to automatically logout inactive users, suppress the welcome email during registration, or assign a user role during registration (even in Multisite, which removes this option). We also have a bug fix for cloud-based hosting providers such as Heroku, courtesy of our first open-source contributor, larsschenk.

But aside from that, I’ve included provider icons for the login buttons and you’ll be able to change the icon size, choose from different icon sets, or easily design/include your own icons. This leads us towards new layouts, all of which are configurable via the settings page or shortcode attributes:

Links-Column layout, styling handled by the theme:


Buttons-Column layout:


Buttons-Row layout, no prefix or name:


Buttons-Row layout, no prefix, name or padding:


Settings page overhaul (again), now includes a shortcode designer and fully responsive/fluid layout for mobile devices:

settings page

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Choices & Chances – A Choose Your Own Adventure Platform

Yet another project I’m working on…

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Google Chrome’s New Bookmark Manager Offers Nothing New For Power Users

It’s November, 2014. Bookmarks look a bit different than yesterday.

“Oh boy”, you might say, “the new Bookmark Manager for Chrome has finally arrived!”

Let’s see what has improved since the “old” version. Clicking the Star (Add to Bookmarks) gives us a new popup:


Ok…let’s navigate into Add to folder. Here’s where things start to get prickly…

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Rapid.js – A Write Once, Run Anywhere Framework for Single Page Apps

rapidjsRapid.js is a Javascript framework in development for the Rapid Platform. Currently, Rapid Platform is provided via a WordPress theme/plugin, but this library will aid in the transition over to a pure Javascript architecture that can be utilized in any solution – not just WordPress – while still providing all of the same benefits as well as opening up the possibility for greater things.

Our goal is to shrink the development workflow as much as possible without sacrificing functionality, or introducing custom syntax, overzealous patterns and extra steps into the process.

Visit the Github repo for progress and details.

The iosys Game Engine

The iosys Game Engine

Screenshot from a live test run of the iosys Game Engine.

The iosys Game Engine is a 3D video game engine and toolset programmed in VB that I developed while learning the DirectX SDK. I’ve moved on from DirectX for the time being, but I still consider this to be one of my greatest programming achievements ever. I started learning DirectX with a few decent books, some documentation on the web, and an invaluable tutorial series by Jack Hoxley titled DirectX4VB. My experience with DirectX and programming evolved quickly during this time and as a result, the engine went through several refactorings.

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