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Perry’s Music Streamer

Perry’s Music Streamer has evolved into what is now called Nest. Do check it out!

For lack of a better name, Perry’s Music Streamer is a web application that I’m currently developing which enables you to stream mp3’s from your home computer using any other computer or device with a modern web browser. Here you can find more information about this project. The project was started in June of 2010 and has been going strong since!

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Introducing Perry’s ID3 Tag Viewer

A few years ago I attempted to write an ID3 tag parser for MP3 files. The ID3v1 specification was easy to understand and implement, but the complex ID3v2 specification threw up some hurdles with SyncSafe integers, encoded bits, multiple sub-versions (ID3v2.2.0, ID3v2.3.0, ID3v2.4.0), and custom frame data. Needless to say, I couldn’t implement the specification properly and my parser would trip up on certain MP3 files, but I’ve recently revisited this project and fixed the showstopping bugs.

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Perry’s ID3 Tag Viewer

Screenshot 1Perry’s ID3 Tag Viewer parses ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags stored in MP3 files. Not only does it extract common data such as the Artist, Album and Title, but it also extracts frames that contain data which MP3 players and tagging software simply do not care about, such as Private (PRIV) frames, User Defined Text Information (TXXX) frames, and other custom third-party frames that might contain hidden/encrypted data. Perry’s ID3 Tag Viewer utilizes a custom ID3 tag parsing library written from scratch, based on the official specifications at ID3.org.

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