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A Divine Experience

What do you get when you pair incredible music with cooking in the great outdoors? Get ready to find out! I discovered this a few months ago by accident while watching some videos on YouTube. The recipe for this experience requires just two ingredients:

Simply fire up any video from Almazan Kitchen, then put on your favorite Pink Floyd album. The music syncs up with the cooking in an organic way and it becomes a truly unique experience. I’ve found the best time for this is right before making a home cooked meal, probably dinner.

What makes this recipe so divine? The combination of “food porn” and “ear porn” to be exact! Almazan Kitchen and Pink Floyd are quite majestic on their own, but the combination of the two invokes a phenomenon called ASMR. Ephemeral moments of pure luck and randomness occur that would never happen watching either video alone. It’s a music video without the director.

Let’s try it out – play both videos below and prepare to embark on a journey of light and sound. Full-screen the Almazan Kitchen video and set it to 40% volume while Pink Floyd plays in the background.

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Need some music for the winter holidays? Tired of the originals?

Try some S I M P S O N S W A V E. It’s a take on the vaporwave genre, set to memorable scenes from The Simpsons. Vaporwave works kind of like hiphop where artists take old school jams, often long forgotten ones, and soup them up with retro-modern digital DJ loopers and effects. The borrowed sounds range from Sade, Diana Ross and Kim Wilde tracks, to newer R&B stuff like Jamie Foxx, and even some of Jim Lang’s jazz from Nickelodeon’s Hey Arnold. It works well, almost too well.

Even if you’re not a huge Simpsons fan or haven’t seen the show, this stuff is very mellow and cool, with lush keys, saxophones and beats that conjure up a relaxing mood for the holidays. Every so often a disco funk track pulls you out of the chill zone and gets the energy flowing.

Still confused? What the Hell is Simpsonwave?

Or just check out the songs below:

If you lurk on Reddit and you like this stuff, check out /r/simpsonswave.

UPDATE: unfortunately the video I first linked was removed for a DMCA violation, but the user has re-uploaded it (and hopefully addressed the DMCA violation so it doesn’t get removed again!)

Video Game Music – White Winter / Xmas Mix

Looking for some music to get you in that winter holiday spirit? Are you a fan of video games such as Skyrim, Secret of Evermore, Final Fantasy, Dungeon Siege, Total Annihilation, or Ragnarok Online? Let Jeremy Soule, Nobuo Uematsu and Matt Uelmen guide you into the winterlands by giving this YouTube playlist a listen. Make sure to hit shuffle.

Free Album Stream – DAL Music – “Music” the EP by DAL

DAL released his first DUBSTEP/ELECTRO album for free last week. Simply titled “Music” the EP, I think it’s accurate to say that this album is inspired by cutting edge dubstep and electro producers. It blurs the line between house, glitch, funk, dance, and psychedelic.

And I can attest to his production skills as I have seen them first hand; he is highly talented! If you’re a fan of electronic music in any way, you definitely don’t want to miss this one…head on over to his official website and and snatch up your free album before it goes retail. Or become a follower and stay up to date on news and releases at one of the many DAL Music fan pages.

DAL on Soundcloud – stream the entire album for free.
DAL on Facebook – become a follower; stay up to date on news and releases.
DAL on Twitter – become a follower; stay up to date on news and releases.

For his debut, I posted a small press release on Reddit.com where his album has received excellent feedback and thousands of listens so far. It even got re-posted by someone else on Reddit.com to the dubstep channel, where it gained more momentum. Join the discussion on Reddit!

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Nest (Your PC on the Internet)


Access your files from anywhere.

If you’re like most people who have accumulated a large collection of personal photos, music, and videos on your computer at home, but wish you had access to everything whenever and wherever you are, then Nest might be for you!

Or maybe you’re a business owner who’s frequently out of the office. Install Nest on your workstation. Leave town. Open Nest on your smartphone. Start browsing your files!

Your computer + Nest = Your computer on the internet

Or to put it another way, Nest turns your computer into a “Personal Cloud“where you can access your files remotely via a web browser from almost any device, much like the new cloud music players, only you host all of your own files.

In a nutshell, Nest is…

  • A remote file browser
  • A remote music streamer with playlist support
  • A remote image viewer with slideshow support
  • A remote document viewer

Don’t allow big corporations to store and own your intellectual property!

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FL Studio 10 Released!

FL StudioMy software of choice for composing music, FL Studio 10 has just been released! Previously known as FruityLoops, it started out as a sound looping program for creating grooves and patterns, but earned a poor reputation from critics and elitists for its amateur “toy-like” interface and capabilities, which is probably why those misinformed ignorants still consider the software to be of questionable quality, claiming it does not compare to a professional DAW used in a real studio. Are we still living in 1992?

The very passionate development team at Image-Line continually expanded upon FruityLoops until it became the fully fledged digital audio workstation behemoth that it is today, far more capable than FruityLoops ever was. It rivals even the best DAW software around (ProTools, Logic, I’m lookin’ at you!) and it does so at a very cut-throat price. If you’re looking for the most affordable DAW that will do practically everything, FL Studio is choice.

FL Studio has played a key role in my own music productions throughout the years, and I personally can’t wait to try out the exciting new features. Auto-tune (Newtone), here I come!

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DIY Shovel Guitar

What if I told you that to craft your own guitar, all you need is a shovel, a drill, a few bits of guitar hardware, and some patience!? I wasn’t able to find out the original crafter’s name because the source is in Russian, but the series of pictures and accompanying Youtube video were straightforward enough. Here’s the final result:

Shovel Guitar!!

The article where I found this only had a series of pictures and I’m by no means a skilled guitar crafter, so I’ve added descriptions where I could.

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Perry’s Reverb Rhythm Calculator

Screenshot 1Perry’s Reverb Rhythm Calculator is a utility for musicians (as well as mixing and mastering engineers) that will compute reverb pre-delay and decay values (in milliseconds) for you to use with your reverb plugins. These values are specifically synchronized to the rhythm of a chosen Tempo (BPM), and an offset slider allows for slight adjustments to the output.

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