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How to Disable Outbound Links in Embedded SWF

SWF IconOver the last couple months I’ve been developing some digital signage kiosk software for shopping malls in Southern California. One requirement of this software is that it should cycle content (advertisements, coupons, videos, etc) and provide touchscreen features (print coupons, signup for mall events) on-demand without ever being interrupted.

The kiosks should NEVER be instructed to navigate to an external website or URL because this would break the automated content cycle.

As we progressed through several development phases, what initially seemed easy – keeping the kiosk cycle running 24/7 – soon became a difficult task. We also had the problem of getting people to actually use the kiosks. Who wants to be sucked into an advertising loop anyhow? So we started adding more features in order to bring awareness and attention to the usefulness of the kiosks.

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Nest (Your PC on the Internet)


Access your files from anywhere.

If you’re like most people who have accumulated a large collection of personal photos, music, and videos on your computer at home, but wish you had access to everything whenever and wherever you are, then Nest might be for you!

Or maybe you’re a business owner who’s frequently out of the office. Install Nest on your workstation. Leave town. Open Nest on your smartphone. Start browsing your files!

Your computer + Nest = Your computer on the internet

Or to put it another way, Nest turns your computer into a “Personal Cloud“where you can access your files remotely via a web browser from almost any device, much like the new cloud music players, only you host all of your own files.

In a nutshell, Nest is…

  • A remote file browser
  • A remote music streamer with playlist support
  • A remote image viewer with slideshow support
  • A remote document viewer

Don’t allow big corporations to store and own your intellectual property!

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Perry’s Music Streamer

Perry’s Music Streamer has evolved into what is now called Nest. Do check it out!

For lack of a better name, Perry’s Music Streamer is a web application that I’m currently developing which enables you to stream mp3’s from your home computer using any other computer or device with a modern web browser. Here you can find more information about this project. The project was started in June of 2010 and has been going strong since!

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