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Quick Status Update

Just found out today that CloudFlare DNS took a dump on my website, making it inaccessible for a week or two. This has happened before, last time it was caused by the Wordfence plugin for WordPress.

The DNS problem has been fixed.

UPDATE: turns out this issue may have been caused by 1and1 web hosting DNS failure or changes on their end. My subdomains broke too, which is not part of CloudFlare. I tried walking the 1and1 tech support guy through my problem, but he was very slow so I had to end the call and ask for a follow up from him once he finds the issue. I never received the follow up, so I just went into the 1and1 control panel, re-created all my subdomains, then everything was fixed. I still don’t get why even the CloudFlare page cache was failing to serve a cached version of my website though…I thought that was the whole point of using CloudFlare – to mitigate DNS issues and site downtime? Really scratching my head over this ordeal.

UPDATE 2: 1and1 got back to me and said a glitch in their system is what caused my sub-domains to stop working. They also informed their engineers of the problem and wanted me to know how important it is for them to answer my questions as quickly as possible. Although the support was slower than I would expect for a business package subscriber and I had to take matters into my own hands, I’m not too worried about this event and will be staying with 1and1 for the near future.

The Day Wordfence Crashed GlassOcean.net

gaUPDATE: a solution has been posted at the end of this article.

UPDATE 2: if you’ve had this problem, I highly suggest verifying your SERP rankings. See the end of this article for details.

So, I just discovered GlassOcean.net has been online, but inaccessible for at least 10 days. I should check the site more often. 🙂

It turns out the Wordfence error does not make an appearance when I am logged in, it only shows up when viewing the site as a guest, and that’s why it took me so long to discover it.

Here’s what I’m seeing:

Wordfence Live Update: Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 33554432) (tried to allocate 55 bytes) in …/wp-content/plugins/wordfence/lib/wordfenceHash.php on line 328

Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 33816576) (tried to allocate 1310976 bytes) in …/wp-content/plugins/wordfence/lib/wfBrowscapCache.php on line 51353

I’ve lowered the Maximum Memory Usage from 256 MB down to 16 MB, but the problem persists. Disabling Wordfence for now…I’ll follow up when I have a solution. Continue reading

Site Update – WordPress 3.0

WordPress 3.0I’ve been keeping my eye on WordPress.org over the last week in anticipation of their major upcoming release – WordPress 3.0 – and I’m happy to see that it’s finally here!

Following the simple upgrade instructions at WordPress.org, I backed up the GlassOcean.net website and database, deactivated all plugins, then performed the automatic upgrade from the WordPress admin interface. About 15 minutes later and GlassOcean.net was running on the new WordPress 3.0!

The only problem I ran into was with the highly customized basic2col theme I was using. Upon visiting the newly upgraded GlassOcean.net I was presented with a PHP parsing error, so I switched over to the new Twenty Ten theme. This is the default theme that comes with WordPress 3.0, which likely means it is easily customizable for newer 3.0 features. Twenty Ten is actually a nice theme that closely resembles the minimal black-on-white style I was going for with the customized basic2col theme anyway. I’m happy with the switch.

GlassOcean.net will be undergoing many changes over the next few days while I continue to customize the appearance and layout to compensate for all of the WordPress 3.0 changes. I’ll be tweaking the “Twenty Ten” theme to match what I had with the “basic2col” theme, re-activating plugins and finding alternatives for those that are not yet supported in WordPress 3.0, as well as tinkering with all of the new features.

It’s an exciting day for WordPressers!

Site Update – Better Navigation

I’ve fine tuned a few more things in the never-ending quest to organize this website so it flows logically and is easy to navigate for my readers.

First off, you’ll notice that I’ve created a new navigation menu and static pages for all of the main categories: Blog, Services, Music Productions, and Software Development. Previously, I was using the WordPress “Categories” widget as my navigation menu, and clicking into one of these categories provided a neat listing of all the posts related to that category. However, I soon discovered that the block of text which appears before the post listing on a category page was not very customizable. Unfortunately, the WordPress category editor is not up to par with the rich-text editing capabilities seen in the WordPress post/page editor, so I needed a way to work around this.

Continue reading

New Website Backend

Too many hackers and robots were trying to access my WordPress data, so I took the installation offline and deployed a new backend platform: Joomla!

Please bare with me while I get this new website backend running smoothly and my old website content added.