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Free Album Stream – DAL Music – “Music” the EP by DAL

DAL released his first DUBSTEP/ELECTRO album for free last week. Simply titled “Music” the EP, I think it’s accurate to say that this album is inspired by cutting edge dubstep and electro producers. It blurs the line between house, glitch, funk, dance, and psychedelic.

And I can attest to his production skills as I have seen them first hand; he is highly talented! If you’re a fan of electronic music in any way, you definitely don’t want to miss this one…head on over to his official website and and snatch up your free album before it goes retail. Or become a follower and stay up to date on news and releases at one of the many DAL Music fan pages.

DAL on Soundcloud – stream the entire album for free.
DAL on Facebook – become a follower; stay up to date on news and releases.
DAL on Twitter – become a follower; stay up to date on news and releases.

For his debut, I posted a small press release on Reddit.com where his album has received excellent feedback and thousands of listens so far. It even got re-posted by someone else on Reddit.com to the dubstep channel, where it gained more momentum. Join the discussion on Reddit!

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Nest (Your PC on the Internet)


Access your files from anywhere.

If you’re like most people who have accumulated a large collection of personal photos, music, and videos on your computer at home, but wish you had access to everything whenever and wherever you are, then Nest might be for you!

Or maybe you’re a business owner who’s frequently out of the office. Install Nest on your workstation. Leave town. Open Nest on your smartphone. Start browsing your files!

Your computer + Nest = Your computer on the internet

Or to put it another way, Nest turns your computer into a “Personal Cloud“where you can access your files remotely via a web browser from almost any device, much like the new cloud music players, only you host all of your own files.

In a nutshell, Nest is…

  • A remote file browser
  • A remote music streamer with playlist support
  • A remote image viewer with slideshow support
  • A remote document viewer

Don’t allow big corporations to store and own your intellectual property!

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Perry’s ID3 Tag Library

ID3v2Perry’s ID3 Tag Library is a free open-source ID3v1 and ID3v2 tag parsing utility for MP3 files that has been tested to work with Visual Studio, VB.NET, ASP.NET, Visual Basic for Applications and VBScript.

Use the library as a reference in your own Visual Studio project to parse ID3 tag data embedded in MP3 files, or use the ActiveX control to give familiar Microsoft Office products such as Word and Excel the ability to parse ID3 tags. This library is useful for anyone looking to implement ID3 tag capabilities in their own custom solutions and applications.

You might be interested in Perry’s ID3 Tag Viewer which is a full implementation of the current ID3 Tag Library version.

Tag Writing is currently in the works as of May 2012!

The ID3TagLibrary is pretty simple to use:

Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
  ' create an mp3 object from a file on the hard drive
  Dim mp3 As New ID3TagLibrary.MP3File("C:\song.mp3")
  ' put the mp3's title into a label control
  Label1.Text = mp3.Title
  ' put the mp3's artwork (if any!) into a picturebox control
  PictureBox1.Picture = mp3.Tag2.Artwork
End Sub

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Perry’s Reverb Rhythm Calculator

Screenshot 1Perry’s Reverb Rhythm Calculator is a utility for musicians (as well as mixing and mastering engineers) that will compute reverb pre-delay and decay values (in milliseconds) for you to use with your reverb plugins. These values are specifically synchronized to the rhythm of a chosen Tempo (BPM), and an offset slider allows for slight adjustments to the output.

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GO Detach for Outlook

Screenshot 1Introducing GO Detach for Outlook. This small add-in lets you bulk save e-mail attachments (or body text) from Outlook to your hard drive. Whether you use it to free up space in your mailbox or personal folder (PST) file, GO Detach will boost your productivity by automating several repetitive tasks at once. For example, GO Detach can save multiple attachments from multiple emails into separate folders based on certain criteria of your choice. Be sure to check out the screenshots.

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Introducing Perry’s ID3 Tag Viewer

A few years ago I attempted to write an ID3 tag parser for MP3 files. The ID3v1 specification was easy to understand and implement, but the complex ID3v2 specification threw up some hurdles with SyncSafe integers, encoded bits, multiple sub-versions (ID3v2.2.0, ID3v2.3.0, ID3v2.4.0), and custom frame data. Needless to say, I couldn’t implement the specification properly and my parser would trip up on certain MP3 files, but I’ve recently revisited this project and fixed the showstopping bugs.

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Perry’s ID3 Tag Viewer

Screenshot 1Perry’s ID3 Tag Viewer parses ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags stored in MP3 files. Not only does it extract common data such as the Artist, Album and Title, but it also extracts frames that contain data which MP3 players and tagging software simply do not care about, such as Private (PRIV) frames, User Defined Text Information (TXXX) frames, and other custom third-party frames that might contain hidden/encrypted data. Perry’s ID3 Tag Viewer utilizes a custom ID3 tag parsing library written from scratch, based on the official specifications at ID3.org.

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Perry’s Batch Outlook Item Property Editor

Perry’s Batch Outlook Item Property Editor can be used to edit the properties of multiple items in Microsoft Outlook. I find it most useful when I create a custom Outlook form and I need to change the MessageClass property on a group of items so the items can use the new custom form.

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