Snip Tool – A Free Snipping Tool Compatible With Windows XP

Are you familiar with the Snipping Tool in Windows 7? I can’t live without it, so I decided to build Snip Tool which is a direct ripoff of Snipping Tool, but this one works in Windows XP! It’s sort of a bonus I did for my other article Installing and Using Windows XP In The Year 2017.

Usage is the same as Snipping Tool. Running the program immediately puts you into snipping mode. Simply draw a rectangle around the screen region you wish to capture.

Requires Windows XP or better and .NET Framework 4.0.

Download Snip Tool


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  1. Excellent Job Thumb Up 🙂
    What I was looking for .

  2. Excellent, Thanks!

  3. Hey,
    this is awesome tool but its missing recapture button.
    I mean like if I miss screen shotted and want again to take screen shot I have to open the app again.
    Thank you for the app anyway. Just add the do again button then it would be perfect. Also why it does need .NET Framework 4.0 installed? I am rocking windows xp for ever.

  4. THANKS for sharing!!!

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