Site Update – Better Navigation

I’ve fine tuned a few more things in the never-ending quest to organize this website so it flows logically and is easy to navigate for my readers.

First off, you’ll notice that I’ve created a new navigation menu and static pages for all of the main categories: Blog, Services, Music Productions, and Software Development. Previously, I was using the WordPress “Categories” widget as my navigation menu, and clicking into one of these categories provided a neat listing of all the posts related to that category. However, I soon discovered that the block of text which appears before the post listing on a category page was not very customizable. Unfortunately, the WordPress category editor is not up to par with the rich-text editing capabilities seen in the WordPress post/page editor, so I needed a way to work around this.

What I decided to do was create a static page for each category I was using on the website so I would have the rich-text editing capabilities I needed to provide a decent “intro” on my category pages. Combining this idea with the List category posts plugin by author Fernando Briano, I could now produce exactly what I wanted by designing a page, then using the List category posts shortcode to display a customized category post listing wherever I wanted to in the contents of the page.

Looking forward to WordPress 3.0, these problems might be eliminated entirely with the new menu system, post templates, and multi-site. WordPress design specialist Brian Casel reviews these features in a Mashable article titled: WordPress 3.0: The 5 Most Important New Features.


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