Perry’s Music Streamer

Perry’s Music Streamer has evolved into what is now called Nest. Do check it out!

For lack of a better name, Perry’s Music Streamer is a web application that I’m currently developing which enables you to stream mp3’s from your home computer using any other computer or device with a modern web browser. Here you can find more information about this project. The project was started in June of 2010 and has been going strong since!


  • Uses ASP.NET/IIS/AJAX/CSS3/HTML5 technology.
  • Supports multiple concurrent users with secure login.
  • Works on most PC’s and devices that are web-capable.
  • Supports FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Mobile Safari/iPhone
  • Parses ID3v1 and ID3v2 tag info from MP3 files to show the embedded Artist name, Album name, Album artwork, Track title, Track number, Genre, Comments, etc.
  • Fully integrated AJAX playlist with easy playlist management (touch gestures for iPhone supported) and the ability to save playlists to a database on the server to load them at a later time.
  • Integrates with for scrobbling plays to your profile. Yes, you can scrobble plays that you stream, and configure the “duration” after which a song is deemed “played” and thus scrobbled.
  • Works on the iPhone without an official app/jailbreak app; it’s a web app baby!
  • Bypass iTunes, App Store, and other iPhone Apps that waste your time! Your entire home music collection will always remain ready to stream, even when you add new songs to it, without the hassle of a sync or download to your iPhone first!
  • Enables viewing the contents of other files such as images and Word documents, literally turning your computer into a “webtop” that can be accessed from any web-capable device.


These are development screenshots and are not true representations of the final version. Do not take the clunky interface literally, it is kept simple during development for debugging purposes 🙂 You can bet your panties that the interface will be very slick.


The alpha interface


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  1. Wayne Barron says:

    Can this be used as a Streaming Media Server?
    like Shoutcast?

    • Wayne Barron says:

      Cannot get it to work at all.
      Too many errors.
      Too bad you did not decide to continue this project.
      It would have been nice to see if it would do what I need it to do, instead of having to use Icecast or Shoutcast.

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