How to Hack the Bank of the West EDS Pro Software to Run For Any User Account

There’s a problem with Bank of the West’s EDS Pro software: it doesn’t assign the necessary permissions to the registry keys it creates for the OCR plug-in component during installation, effectively locking out any user from running the software except for the user who originally installed the software.

The company I work for recently purchased a check scanner unit to be used with Bank of the West’s Electronic Deposit Service Software (EDS Pro) so that we wouldn’t have to hand deliver the checks to the bank anymore. We decided to install the check scanner unit on our spare accounting workstation so anyone (with permission) could use it. The software installation and setup was a breeze for the first user account, and we were performing electronic deposits within minutes.

We tried logging in as a secondary user and experienced two problems right off the bat. The first problem was that the EDS Pro software complained that it couldn’t start because the OCR plug-in could not be loaded. I thought this might be a driver issue, so I checked Device Manager and noticed the check scanner unit was not detected properly, so I tried re-installing the driver under this secondary user account using the provided driver package DigitalCheckScannerInstaller.exe, but Windows XP would not detect the unit properly no matter what. I was able to snag the TellerScanDriverV40.exe file from the secondary user’s Temp folder during the driver installation process, just before it failed out. For some reason, simply running the TellerScanDriverV40.exe file got the drivers working again under the secondary user account.

At this point I opened EDS Pro again under the secondary account and received the same error about the OCR plug-in not being loaded. So I checked the EDS Pro application folder under C:\Program Files\BOW\DepositNow\Data\ and noticed an OCR folder in there. The OCR component appears to be called “A2iA” so I did a search in the registry for this string. Eventually, the registry located some keys that could not be opened by the secondary user. I logged back onto the primary user to check these keys and sure enough, only the primary user had permission to access those registry keys, which means the EDS Pro software could not load the OCR plug-in under the secondary user account because the secondary user account did not have any permission to access the OCR registry keys.

To fix all of these problems, here’s what I did:

  1. Log in as the primary user (who originally installed the software).
  2. Uninstall EDS Pro and the scanner drivers from Add/Remove Programs.
  3. Log in as the default Administrator user and re-install the scanner drivers using the DigitalCheckScannerInstaller.exe package. This seems to have fixed the scanner driver for all users.
  4. Re-install the EDS Pro software using the BOWSetup.exe package.
  5. Open regedit and navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.
  6. Assign the local Users group Full Control to the following registry keys by right clicking each one and choosing Permissions:

After doing this, I was able to log onto the workstation as any user and run EDS Pro, configure the scanner, and process deposits. However I should note that in my case, all of my users were members of the local Administrators group, and this is the group that I assigned to the registry keys in Step 6.


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