Google Chrome + Gmail Super Slow? avast! WebRep May Be the Culprit…

avast-webrepGoogle Chrome is my current browser of choice due to the bloat/crashes surrounding the latest versions of Firefox (I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the unavoidable Adobe Flash plugin). Lately though, I have been experiencing a tremendous amount of lag when clicking between emails in my Gmail Inbox simply to read them. I first checked Resource Monitor and noticed my CPU was spiking to 100% every time I clicked on an email.

I wondered if this was due to a plugin so I opened a Chrome Incognito window (which disables plugins) and checked Gmail performance again. Sure enough, the lag was gone! I disabled my plugins one by one, each time checking performance in Gmail. I found the avast! WebRep plugin to be the culprit in my case. Simply disabling the plugin makes the lag go away. Too bad, I was really liking avast! and everything it has to offer for free…



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