From WordPress to Joomla and Back Again

Doc and MartyI’ll miss you Joomla! After using Joomla 1.5 for a good few months, I’ve decided to give it a rest and migrate back to WordPress. Publishing content in the exact format that I want is such a breeze with WordPress, and a big step up from Joomla’s constant tweaking.

This was a hard decision to make since Joomla is such an excellent content management system with heaps of awesome extensions, but that’s part of the reason why I’ve chosen to abandon it.

Since Joomla is a content management system at heart, there are some things about it that will make you scratch your head (sometimes, in agony), like no built-in comment system or contact form. These can definitely be added with flashy extensions, but even then you’ll need to constantly tweak the source files and style sheets on your FTP to get everything looking and feeling seamless and professional.

Joomla seems more focused towards teams of people contributing content for an organization, much like a super-powered intranet or marketplace, and this is where I can see it excelling. But even then its still lacking a bit on the intranet front in terms of integrating user accounts with an existing domain topology. It isn’t ideal for Windows administrators to manage redundant user accounts among several applications or services, so Active Directory integration and granular permissions is key, which is where Joomla falls short.

Drupal is another platform that I have considered with similar features to WordPress and Joomla. I’m sure WordPress will turn sour for me once more, which is when I’ll probably consider Drupal, but until then, cheers!



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