Free Album Stream – DAL Music – “Music” the EP by DAL

DAL released his first DUBSTEP/ELECTRO album for free last week. Simply titled “Music” the EP, I think it’s accurate to say that this album is inspired by cutting edge dubstep and electro producers. It blurs the line between house, glitch, funk, dance, and psychedelic.

And I can attest to his production skills as I have seen them first hand; he is highly talented! If you’re a fan of electronic music in any way, you definitely don’t want to miss this one…head on over to his official website and and snatch up your free album before it goes retail. Or become a follower and stay up to date on news and releases at one of the many DAL Music fan pages.

DAL on Soundcloud – stream the entire album for free.
DAL on Facebook – become a follower; stay up to date on news and releases.
DAL on Twitter – become a follower; stay up to date on news and releases.

For his debut, I posted a small press release on where his album has received excellent feedback and thousands of listens so far. It even got re-posted by someone else on to the dubstep channel, where it gained more momentum. Join the discussion on Reddit!

Update July 19, 2011 – the free album download promo has ended and DAL is now offering his album on many of the internet music retailers for a low low price. He’s still offering the high quality full album stream for free.


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  1. Thanks for the album! Love DAL!

    Dubstep Samples

  2. dude u need to make more tracks like dub life cuz tat song was too sik!!!!

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