FL Studio 10 Released!

FL StudioMy software of choice for composing music, FL Studio 10 has just been released! Previously known as FruityLoops, it started out as a sound looping program for creating grooves and patterns, but earned a poor reputation from critics and elitists for its amateur “toy-like” interface and capabilities, which is probably why those misinformed ignorants still consider the software to be of questionable quality, claiming it does not compare to a professional DAW used in a real studio. Are we still living in 1992?

The very passionate development team at Image-Line continually expanded upon FruityLoops until it became the fully fledged digital audio workstation behemoth that it is today, far more capable than FruityLoops ever was. It rivals even the best DAW software around (ProTools, Logic, I’m lookin’ at you!) and it does so at a very cut-throat price. If you’re looking for the most affordable DAW that will do practically everything, FL Studio is choice.

FL Studio has played a key role in my own music productions throughout the years, and I personally can’t wait to try out the exciting new features. Auto-tune (Newtone), here I come!

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Key new features include:

  • 64 Bit plugin wrapper – FL Studio now hosts 64 Bit VST plugins for access to unlimited memory.
  • Autosave / Autobackup – Don’t lose a project or data again.
  • Revised Playlist – Individually resizable tracks. Lock tracks to Clips. Live performance time Marker options (Jump to, Loop, Pause & Skip)
  • Revised Mixer – Fully Automatic Plugin Delay Compensation (A-PDC). New waveform meter view.
  • Revised Piano roll – Export as sheet music option. Vertical zoom with not properties view. Magic lasso selection & note-handle stretch. Edit ghost notes by double Right-click. Waveform view.
  • Pattern Picker – opens from the Playlist, Piano roll or Stepsequencer. Select Patterns & Channels.
  • Patcher (free) – chain instruments & effects for easy saving of complete instrument & effect chains.
  • ZGameEditor Visualizer (free) – visualization effect with movie render capability.
  • Pitcher (demo) – real-time correction/harmonization plugin responds to Piano roll note control.
  • Newtone (demo) – pitch correction editor for precise control, pristine quality stretching, re-pitching and correction.
  • Keep on disk & 32 Bit Bridge – now give each Audio Clip / Sampler Channel / Plugin access to at least 2 GB memory and up to 4 for VST Plugins.
  • Fruity Edition – gains access to Pattern Clips.
  • Lifetime Free Updates – are extended to all FL Studio 10 box customers onward & as usual all download customers.
  • …learn more by visiting the ‘FL Studio 10 What’s New?‘ page.

Source: Image-Line


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