Dell: Repeat It Using Phonetics

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Fun encounter with Dell tech support today. I called in with a service tag and the agent simply stated:

“You have to read it to me using phonetics.”

Woah there buddy, I speak English and if you can’t understand me then perhaps you should read back what I just said to clarify? My brain doesn’t enter military speech very easily; I cannot conjure up alpha bravo charlies at your discretion.

After converting what I could to phonetics, he just said the same thing:

“You have to read it to me using phonetics.”

Now looking like a fool myself, I just hung up on the guy. Dude, I just got Dell’t.


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  1. I’m interested in your VB.Net ID3 tag library. I need the ability to write tags as well as read them. I’m a developer and would be glad to help you add writing functionality. Would you be interested in a collaboration?


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