Glass Ocean is Perry Butler’s personal home page.

I am a builder by nature. My father owned a machine shop when I was growing up where he crafted airplane parts and other things. The machines that assisted with this were controlled by a computer; feed it some metal and punch in a few instructions, out comes a perfectly drilled part ready to bolt onto whatever it was made for. The machine would even switch tools half way through the process. Fascinating!

This website contains my blogmusic productionsservices, and software development efforts. Since 2001, I’ve been employed as an IT Manager and sole IT person for a group of companies in Anaheim, California, where I’ve been earning professional experience deploying and managing computer networks, providing technical support, collaborating and integrating third party solutions, and developing custom in-house software.

When it comes to writing about technology, sometimes I find the topic bland so I like to spin it in a humorous/sarcastic way. But I do try to raise important points, research legitimate sources, and remain unbiased as much as possible.

I also enjoy writing programming tutorials when I’ve developed some solid code or ideas that I think others might benefit from, and I cover anything from beginner to advanced programming techniques.

Music became one of my other passions early on in life, I’d say right around fourth grade when I found out a digital piano could make the sound of the ocean. I was enthralled. I’ve been trying to capture my own sounds ever since, and the result is a large collection of music productions on this website.

Thank you for visiting and feel free to contact me at perry@glassocean.net.

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