A Divine Experience

What do you get when you pair incredible music with cooking in the great outdoors? Get ready to find out! I discovered this a few months ago by accident while watching some videos on YouTube. The recipe for this experience requires just two ingredients:

Simply fire up any video from Almazan Kitchen, then put on your favorite Pink Floyd album. The music syncs up with the cooking in an organic way and it becomes a truly unique experience. I’ve found the best time for this is right before making a home cooked meal, probably dinner.

What makes this recipe so divine? The combination of “food porn” and “ear porn” to be exact! Almazan Kitchen and Pink Floyd are quite majestic on their own, but the combination of the two invokes a phenomenon called ASMR. Ephemeral moments of pure luck and randomness occur that would never happen watching either video alone. It’s a music video without the director.

Let’s try it out – play both videos below and prepare to embark on a journey of light and sound. Full-screen the Almazan Kitchen video and set it to 40% volume while Pink Floyd plays in the background.

As the chef is exploring his backyard for ingredients like fresh ice, an introductory organ and adventurous blues riff opens the scene, while the sounds of nature cascade into the next guitar riff. A finger vibrates a single guitar string just as some oil gets spiraled into the pan. A fire churns alongside the triumphant yet eerie sounding brass synth. A song peters out just as the chef takes grilled meat from the pan and starts cutting it, allowing for the sound of the knife gently slicing against the wood to take front and center stage, but only for a moment until the next song starts up. A lone guitar strums out of nowhere right when the chef brings his hand into view with a fistful of spices. It’s really something special and it’s completely accidental. You don’t have to do anything to make these moments happen, they happen on their own and it doesn’t matter if you start one video 2 minutes after the other, they always sync up in a new and interesting way.

Now that you’ve had a taste, I should mention that the embedded videos here will end abruptly at a certain point, so if you want this to go for an hour longer, it’s best if you open these videos in separate tabs at YouTube, that way if the Almazan Kitchen or Pink Floyd video ends, it will start playing another one automatically. You might get some really good combinations.

Instead of Almazan Kitchen you might try some Bob Ross. I’d imagine that would work well too. Let me know in the comments if you find something worth sharing.

Special thanks to the friends who helped make this discovery. We were watching Almazan Kitchen before making dinner when someone decided to play Pink Floyd in the background.


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